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August 25, 2017blog

Used Car Resources

If you’re a Savvy consumer, then you rarely take things at face value. You’ll prefer to do your own research, and to know what you’re going into before paying anything. This is especially true on big-ticket items like cars and homes. We’ve all driven past those seedy looking dealerships parked on street corners. The ones that have just a few cars out front that look like they could barely crawl off the lot. These are the ones that often end up overcharging for vehicles that aren’t worth even half as much.

When looking into used cars, you want to make sure that you’re going through an extremely reputable dealer. You want to be able to find reviews online, and to speak with them at length without sales pressure. A good used car salesman is actually going to take the time to listen to you and present you with several different options. They’re not going to try to push you into something that you definitely can’t afford. They will also take all of your needs into consideration. They know that even if they don’t make a sale that day, there’s a better chance of you coming back if you received quality service.

Yes, you can always expect the dealership price to be just a little bit more than what you’d find in comparable vehicles. This is due to several different reasons. First of all, they’re running a business and the goal of every business is to turn a profit. They have employees that need to be paid, buildings that need to be maintained, and new purchases to make. They need to make enough money to cover the overhead and to still have money to grow on. The good thing about this is the fact that dealerships are better equipped to maintain their vehicles. They can keep them well serviced, and ready to drive off the lot in good condition. Going out and buying a vehicle from your friend or friend of a friend at sticker price can be disastrous. The price may be good, but you’ll have absolutely no recourse if the vehicle falls apart 10ft down the road.

Part of what you’re purchasing at a dealership is accountability. Many people form long-lasting business relationships with their car salesman. They go back to these people time and again to upgrade when they’re ready for a new vehicle. This is because the dealership and the people in it have worked hard to provide them with quality products and have always come through. You can also expect to have finance charges when you’re working with a dealership that loaned you the money directly. There are some that have cash for cars deals in Phoenix, AZ that can actually take quite a bit of money off the overall cost of the vehicle. It’s always a good idea to come into negotiations with something on hand. This can be either down payment or a vehicle that you own and can be traded in.

Once you decide on the vehicle that you’d like to purchase, there’s several different things that you need to do on your own. Being a smart consumer means double-checking all of the information that you’re given. There’s several different resources that are available to you to make sure that your car is in good working condition, and you’re not being overcharged.

The Kelley Blue Book has been around for a long time, and keeps an accurate accounting of the values of different vehicles. This is an excellent resource, and one that’s recognized by the automotive industry. You can trust it to give you an accurate price on the car you’re considering. There are also other companies that can give you histories based off of the vehicles identification number. Once you have this information, you can feel more comfortable purchasing your used vehicle.