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Are you running from pillar to post to find a dream car that fits your budget?
Step into our store to buy or lease a used car. We’re a 19-year-old family run car dealership business based in Mesa, specializing in the used cars trade. It would take you about 20-25 minutes to reach our store from Phoenix, AZ.

We help you choose a car that meets your requirements, personality and is within your budget. We maintain a fleet of 70-80 used cars at all times so that you have enough options to choose from. The used cars are refurbished in a way that make them as good as new. We also offer flexible payment options to make buying your dream car easier and more convenient for you. You can pay a down payment as low as $500 and drive away in your car.

As for the vehicle finance, you need not worry even if you have an unpleasant credit history. We offer hassle-free loans without a credit check. All you need is some basic documents and you can be driving today.

We pride ourselves in being market leaders in the car business. Most of our customers come from Phoenix, AZ. We have a unique combination of cars that are not determined by credit requirements. You could pay cash for cars or use the vehicle finance we offer. If you already have an old used car, we will give you great options for a trade in. Our used car trade in values cannot be beat.

Once we understand your specific requirements, helping you choose the perfect car becomes easy. Come in today and drive away with your own new car!

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